Using cheap NAND reader with router devices

recently i've noticed that xbox guys use very cheap module named mtx spi nand flasher v1.0 to read/write NAND chips in their devices. looking at few pinout diagrams looks like it utilizes CS (SS) MISO MOSI SCK + 2 other pins to reprogram NAND storage.
could this piece of hardware get adapted for use in router devices?
this is the board photo

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The problem probably is that most routers don't use SPI NAND, but parallel NAND.

isn't the xbox Hynix NAND also parallel?

That "NAND" reader actually talks to the SMC chip (System Management Controller) over SPI, not to the NAND directly.

NAND means raw storage cells matrix that need a controller to manage the cells,it's generally implemented in the U-boot source code,and the Parellel NOR flash like S29GL256N,even hard to find the driver

And those that do use spinand usually also have some NOR flash also.

Which routers other than GL.iNet's family do spinand? I believe only some of the GL.iNet units have spinand support either in master or in a current pull request, and all of these devices also have NOR flash that is currently supported in master. Since uboot resides in NOR flash on these devices, I can't think of any scenario where you'd need an spinand controller for debricking.