Using ansible for config management and injection?!?

Hi everybody,
Just starting to see Ansible as a tool for easy re-config my home servers and I thought that can be cool and useful to use it for pushing configurations into the router, from wifi net name and pwd, to hostnames, to firewall rules etc... just in case you have to reflash... but also if you want to keep copy of the config steps and/manage them outside the router.
Or there is a better way? Has someone alraedy done its own openWrt playbook?

Do you have Python on OpenWrt? If you don't, then the following might be useful (I have not tried it yet):

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well, have not checked yet but... is this stable? Have you tried it?

I was using Ansible but switched to Rundeck as I wanted to use agentless SSH. The reason I switched was because I had recenty updated my Ubuntu desktop from 18 -> 20 and after that my Ansible scripts threw a bunch of python errors and so decided I am not going to debug this every time I update python on my desktop. Warning: Rundeck is a task scheduler not a Remote Configuration Management System like Ansible so there are differences. But rundeck can integrate with Ansible and has options for other systems as well. Rundeck seems to have all the options I need to maintain all my APs which is mostly updating packages, basic config changes, and changing passwords. I have not tried updating firmware however.

Not trying to ween you away from Ansible. If you can get Ansible going and stable can't go wrong.