Using another Router as switch port

Guys, I did some research, but I did not find anything, I am sure that it's an easy solution, but I cannot find it

my current switch option luci configuration is this one

however now I moved houses, and need to have another router,

the problem is, I need my second router to have 2 VLANs, one for IPTV, and one for chromecast, but I just have one cable coming from the main router,

I want to know how could i make my first router accept my second router as a plus 4 ports, or at least how to transmit VLANs, and my second router could send one VLAN to IPTV and another VLAN to chromecast

I understand that this might be a problem in understanding VLANs, but I am having some difficulties with it,

I appreciate any help

edit: for clarification

my house was Modem -> ISP router -> chromecast, wifi, PCs, IPTV

but ping was too high, so I just take out the ISP router for that I did need to manage VLAN

so it become Modem -> (10)router -> (1)chromecast, (1)wifi, (1)PC, (20)IPTV

the problem is I moved and now I have

Modem -> (10)router -> (1)PC, (1) wifi
> router.2 -> (1)chromecast, (20)iptv

the problem is i am having difficult to make second router accept 2 different vlans, first router was easy, but now i need somehow to send crude information to second router and let it handle it, or second router could be a first router slave

Send the VLANs "tagged" on the wire between the switches / routers on a single Ethernet cable.

You probably need to have the "LAN" as tagged between them as well, but leave it as "untagged" for any port that you're plugging in a device that can't be configured to understand VLANs.

The second "router" won't really be routing, but just bridging, most likely. I personally use the "WAN" port on my "routers" that serve as access ports for the trunked VLANs between them and the switches. Selecting, say, the right- or left-most port is another way to help remember which is your trunk.

First of all thank you, should I configure second router as a dumb AP ?

Yes it can be a dumb AP, or it can just sit there having configured its switch at bootup and do nothing more.

To put a dumb AP on one of your VLANs, make sure that VLAN is "tagged" into the CPU. (VLANs that are only passing through the hardware switch, of no interest to the CPU, such as IPTV traffic, can be "off" on the CPU). Then create a network interface bridge to tie the ethernet to the wifi. This network can be "Unmanaged" under LuCI or "proto none" if you are configuring on CLI. Place the eth0.x port and the wifi AP in this network bridge.

Thank you very much guys it did work :p, bridge connections worked,

the only problem is that second router does not accept 1000base-t, just 100base-T, and I think that sometime it will make my Chromecast ultra have some streaming problem, note that I have a Plex server at home haha, but i will let it, like that for now