Using Android Tablet for OpenWRT Management and Network Troubleshooting?

Is anyone using an Android tablet to configure OpenWRT devices without having to carry and pull out a full laptop all the time?

Also, are there any specific applications (paid or free) that you are using to manage and troubleshoot your network on Android?

Are there any security implications that should be considered?

I believe that Android supports OTG so it should be possible to connect an ethernet USB adapter for a cable connection beyond Wifi.

Would be interested to hear your experience in this regard.

Thank you!

No app needed. Just use LuCI with any browser. Android or iOS shouldn't matter.

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I use fing on Android for network troubleshooting e.g. ping and traceroute

If you need ssh i vote for termux via f-droid,some hacker keyboard with ctrl and esc keys or bt one recommended

I don't use Android, but my go-to apps on iOS are:

  • Safari for LuCI
  • Terminal# for ssh
  • Scanny for scanning the network (as a client on the network)
  • NiceTrace for traceroute (as a client on the network)
  • Ping Tool for ping tests (as a client on the network)
  • And a few other network utility apps as needed.

If you look up "network utilities" you can often find a lot of free or low cost apps on each platform for doing this type of work.

"The Termux maintainers do not have any control over the building and publishing of the Termux apps on F-Droid. Moreover, the Termux maintainers also do not have access to the APK signing keys of F-Droid releases, so we cannot release an APK ourselves on GitHub that would be compatible with F-Droid releases."

That sounds a bit scary...

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