Using 802.11s as LAN LAN bridge via WIFI


I have configured and set up an 802.11s connection (mesh) to connect two private buildings via WIFI. Both devices should pass on the subnet via LAN.

I have followed the instructions on the OpenWRT page.
After I rebooted the devices (both "TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor v1"), they found each other's mesh WIFI.
From the remote AP I can also ping addresses on the internet via the primary AP.
Furthermore, I can create a new wireless access point and then access the network of the primary AP. This all works.

However, as a beginner (maybe I don't understand the principles yet), what I haven't managed to do yet is to connect a simple switch with other devices to the remote AP. When I connect the LAN cable, a connection is also detected.
But apparently my configuration does not pass the mesh connection to the LAN port. Via a WIFI AP it works as said.

Does anyone have a tip for me what I did wrong?

Getting started with OpenWRT is unfortunately not as easy for me as I would have liked....
I suspect that there is still a setting missing or I haven't really understood the "LAN" "WIFI" principle with the interfaces and devices.

Thanks for help in this issue!

Previously I had done this once 9 years ago via "relayd". The devices are now broken, which is why I can not look. However, I also wanted to use something modern now. WDS is discouraged in some places....
The mesh I could later expand with another outstation. In this respect, the change to 802.11s currently fits quite well. Now it should only work...


Sorry for these replies, but I can send only one picture in a reply...

802.11s+802.11r is very easy.

Probably. That is why i asked about the LAN port that I don't get so work (so using the mesh for an WIFI bridge WIFI --> LAN).
Adding a new AP to the station with 802.11r is easy, no doubt.