Users needed to test Wi-Fi stability on Linksys WRT3200ACM & WRT32X on OpenWrt 21.02

WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode does not work on MacOS with 802.11w disabled - keeps asking about password

Other people have said that WPA3 doesn't work on these routers in OpenWRT. It's a separate problem from the stability issues being tested here. See here for more discussion from a year ago: WPA3 support (maybe?) on Linksys WRT series router


any news regarding 21.02.2 release?
P.S. because I am thinking about downgrading to 19.07

Why not just run a snapshot? Have a 60 day uptime on my WRT32X with a snapshot from late Dec, it's been great. Yes it would be nice to see .2 released soon, but I think all the devs are focused on the move to nftables.

I have 2 issues running snapshot:

ARP issue bothers me the most, just would like to know if 02 can fix it if not - seems downgrade is solution for me

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I had the exact same issues, reverted to 19.07 and just keeping track in this thread, but will stick it out until there is better news.

I don't see why we would have to upgrade, new stuff is interesting, but not necessary, especially when the newer version has critical issues.
Not bashing the OpenWRT community or anything, this Linksys hardware is just a hard one to support it seems.

That being said, if you have issues with 21.02.X revert to 19.07.X for the time being and your issues will be gone. As long as both still get critical updates, there is no reason not to.


@dgilman @WildByDesign
Feel free to build and test branch gvalkov on my fork where the 5 GHz radio should work correctly. I use channel 100, 160 MHz, though my laptop only supports 80.
httpstorm/OpenWRT branch gvalkov

Or use the image I compiled
WRT3200ACM 2022-02-13.r18804 firmware

Important: before upgrade, if you choose to keep the old configuration, make sure to edit /etc/config/network, and add option device 'wan' under config interface 'wan', as well as list ports 'lan' under

config device
	option name 'br-lan'


...although illegally in many countries

Disabling the mandatory DFS testing and going over the allowed transmit power limits is not a real solution for general usage.

I am just trying to figure out from the five commits if there is any actual fix (in addition to mangling the power table and country regdb). Possibly the few instances of patched case NL80211_CHAN_WIDTH_160 sections are actually interesting?


Disabling the mandatory DFS testing and going over the allowed transmit power limits is not a real solution for general usage.

@hnyman I agree with you, however I'd like to open the following question: is there any better alternative apart from selling the device? FYI WRT3200 is locked and cannot go outside regulations. There is no API to get or set TX power. Without the patch, aAny user residing in the EU but outside France is forced to use an incorrect country code. If we get strict on regulations, that's a bad thing. I share my fork, to help people understand the issue with DFS. Because WRT3200 is pretty much useless on DFS channels even when there are no radars in the area. And there is no indication in LuCI why this is the case. My solution allows the 5 GHz radio to operate correctly.

I am just trying to figure out from the five commits if there is any actual fix (in addition to mangling the power table and country regdb).

Patch DFS-free radio actually disables country reporting. When OpenWRT queries the hardware region of the radios, an error is returned, so the system thinks there is no region. Then the user is able to set their actual region. Note that otherwise region 98 EU is returned by hardware, and the driver reports this as FR, so people elsewhere cannot set their actual region. It was a dirty work from the manufacturer who also set the other radio to US. Hence OpenWRT sees a conflict and prevents usage of any DFS channels. Patch 600-g-wireless-regdb.DFS-free I optional. Indeed as you have observed it is a bit on the grey shade. It merges channels to allow 160 MHz to be used on larger set of frequencies, and disables DFS to allow users who live far from legacy radars to have a hassle free experience. Without that there would be a delay of 5 minutes, before the AP goes online. For anyone doing a lot of testing, this is not a good experience. Finally TX power does not need to be edited, it's a legacy thing, I'm too lazy to remove, and since there is no API to get or set TX power, WRT3200 will remain within regulations. In conclusion: the device will remain in spec for users who live far from radars, which is probably > 99.9% if not all users.

Unrelated patches: wrt3200acm: reverted to network switch, instead of DSA restores the switch functionality for those who need to mirror traffic. Note that with DSA, wan and lan1-4 share one physical interface. This patch separates them for better performance. Network interfaces are renamed to lan and wan, users should add them to /etc/config/network if they need to preserve their existing configuration.

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Can I use this patch on top of my build for the wrt32x? I build from master.

Yes, the patch is based on master. I think you need to adapt it, but it's a very small change. Look for modifications made to the .dts files. Rango is for WRT3200. There is an equivalent for WRT32x. Apply the same changes there, and you will see the Switch appear again under Network in LuCI. You might also browse the commit history and find the commit that disabled the switch and one of the Ethernet adapters. My patch reverts that only for WRT3200.

Thanks for the info. I’m just regular user. I can only apply patches. Making changes to dts files is something I never have done.
Is it possible thad you can make a patch for the wrt32x?

With DSA one can port-mirror, and if multi CPU port is a concern there is PR4982 allowing one to patch that in to a build.



I have some issues with some WiFi clienbts on WRT1900ACS: It takes minutes until they get an IP (DHCP is relayed by the OPNsense router). Is this related to the issue tracked in this thread?



This thread was about frequent silent breaking of connectivity, and that bug was solved a few months ago...

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Linksys wrt3200acm, third ethernet, DSA port mirroring?

OpenWrt 21.02.2 images which fix the issue are live on the firmware selector. I've updated the links on the main post.

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Just to add my experience here… I’ve seen the frequent WiFi disconnects disappear since the fix by nbd. However I am after 3-4 days seeing the WiFi crash completely on both 5ghz and 2.4ghz the only way to restore is a reboot of the device using a master build. Looking at the comments others appear to be having the same problem.

Additionally I can not get channel 149 to work at all the 5ghz WiFi doesn’t come up for me on that channel using a WRT32X. How are others getting this channel working? I am able to use channel 100 @ VHT160

I have also been using the “free DFS patch” for a while on the httpstorm branch as well.

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21.02.2 is working great on my WRT3200 and, without a doubt, resolves the original issue from this thread regarding wireless dropouts.

I am wondering: is it time to close this thread now?

There are other issues with mwlwifi such as 5 GHz radio crashing at times and requiring a reboot. Other issues as well. But none are related to the original issue from this thread and that bug has been successfully fixed.

I figure we can always create new threads for these separate issues if necessary.


Have you seen any pattern in the crashing? I was seeing the same thing when I last tested, and just ended up going back to 19 train code because I didn't feel like dealing with the issue, or rather my kids didn't feel like dealing with it, and I didn't feel like dealing with them not wanting to deal with it LOL. I do have one device that I may try upgrading on as there are other devices close enough to not be too impactful if the wireless radio crashes.