Use single Mesh VLAN to backhaul traffic between APs and main router

Below diagram is my current network setup at home. I am using 2 Mesh ID on 2 VLAN to backhaul traffic between APs and main router. It has been working well for me so far. Until today, I want to add a network printer to AP3 and allow both my Guest and LAN clients the ability to print to it.

One way to achieve this is to add VLAN5 and create a new Mesh5 ID on 2G radio for the network printer and setup forward rules for LAN and Guest clients to access the printer on VLAN5. It seems too complicated and not easily expandable for future expansion to support additional VLANs.

So, here's my question. Is it possible to create a new bridge (i.e. br-mesh) consist of the 2 mesh ID (Mesh1 on 5G and Mesh2 on 2G) and use this bridge to backhaul all my network traffic between APs and main router? Think of br-mesh as a virtual cable connecting all the APs to the router via a switch. This way, if I need to add another VLAN tomorrow, all I need to do is setup forward rules to forward traffic between the VLANs over the same br-mesh bridge. Am I over thinking it and making this way too complicated?