Use second OpenWrt DNS over Wireguard

Hi! I've connected my two routers/subnets together with wireguard. Everything works nicely however I want to share the hostname entries I already created on the second router with the first one.


  • Home1 subnet, wireguard interface (+some peers)
  • Home2 subnet, wireguard (+some peers)
    (I want Home2 dns records to be usable by Home1)


  • I tried adding to dhcp options on Home1 but the dns on Home2 did not respond to requests because of the Local service only option (which I would like to keep)

  • I tried moving all wg peers across routers to the same subnet so that the dns requests are recognised. This time I edited the wan interface and added and which resulted in router Home2 being connection-dead. After many restarts I narrowed the problem to peer Home1 defined in wg. After clearing same caches and reseting dnsmasq I managed to recover the router.

What I am doing wrong and how can I implement this? The alternative which is not by far perfect is to copy all hostname assignments to the other router.

You can set up a different domain suffix for the remote LAN and use selective DNS forwarding.

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Thank you for the solution. Setting this up I saw that there are two entries where the DNS can be configured:

  • DHCP & DNS > General Settings > DNS forwardings
  • Advanced Settings > Additional servers files

I would like to know what is the difference between the two?