Use router as switch via wifi

Hi there,
I have a ArcherC7 as a main router, to which Ubiquity EdgeSwitch8 is connected, to which Unifi AP providing MAINWIFI is connected.
I have also older router TP-LINK wr2543nd, which I succesfully patched with openwrt firmware.

I would like to accomplish that WR2543ND router connects to MAINWIFI and becomes switch for devices connected to its LAN ports or to its WIFI.

I tried to follow instructions here
but it doesn't work :frowning:

Anyone please have a good setup guide how to accomplish what I need.

Thank you in advance.

If both devices are running OpenWrt (and they can), would provide the easiest and most stable option (you don't need to configure a new repeater-AP interface).


Thank you for your info, but no, that first router runs stock firmware and so far I am happy with it.