Use Proxy over apps like Wireguard,OpenVPN or Shadowsocks

Hi there
Is there possible to run proxy over OpenVPN or WireGuard on OpenWRT?!! I'm in a Country that Internet Providers Blocked and Censored The internet and On IOS or Android I have to Set Proxy on Apps like OpenVPN Connect or Psiphon and blah blah blah
I have 3 routers that installed OpenWRT on them and ran OpenVPN, WireGuard and Shadowsocks on them

Thank You So much

Sounds to me you just answered your own question?

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Don't get me wrong
I want to use proxy beside OpenVPN and WireGuard On OpenWRT
It's Okay on Mobile Phone

Not sure what you by beside, but it should be doable anyway....

How?! Can You Help me? Thanks

You need to be more precise on what you want to achieve, I'm still not getting it...

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  • Install proxy; or (if one already exists just...)
  • Configure clients to use proxy

(Unless I'm missing something from the original post; it's that simple.)

Are there any instructions or tutorials for installing a proxy?!
As you might know VPN and Proxy Apps are blocked by internet Providers in Iran and people have to set proxy(IP:Port) to apps like Psiphon or OpenVPN Connect,Client to bypass censorship, I want to do the same on OpenWRT Router with OpenVPN & WireGuard