Use ISPs IPv6 as default but 6in4 tunnel for specific sites?

Hi, I am the kind of noob that at least was able to set up the ipv6 tunnel for, but now want to also use the ISPs ipv6 since that is needed for some sites that use geoblocking (like

So the goal would be to use the ISPs IPv6 as default and use the 6in4 tunnel for some specific sites (mainly us located sites).
What would I need to set up for this, if this is possible at all?
I looked at the static routes settings pages, but it seems one needs to enter network addresses there. It would be better to enter domains at first sight, but I have no idea how to do that...


Just route the IPv6 addresses of the company you desire to the interface you prefer. Do an nslookup and add the whole network to the route.

:warning: Using IPs. When devices use domains can be tricky to catch them all.

(also note, HE will issue you a non geo-cached subnet)


I'm afraid that relying on static IPs in the era of CDNs may be problematic.
A more flexible approach should be: Allow or deny specific IP addresses through VPN interface

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