Use hg553 for gsm call and router wifi

Hi everyone

does anyone know if it is possible to use this routers:

Vodafone station:
Model: EchoLife HG553
Hard version: HG55MAGV VER.D

with 3g usb stick to make calls with mobile sim and surf?

thanks in advance

  • Are you referring to the Huawei HG553???
  • What device?
  • Does it have a USB?

yes, is a "vodafone station" EchoLife HG553 with usb port,

with the original firmware and usb key "huawei e172"
someone managed to call and receive calls with the sim

This device is listed on the Table of Hardware. It is supported:

This is not listed.

(Please be advised, that the WiFi chip does not have full Open Source software support.)

thank you
is there any USB stick compatible 3g?

I should be able to make and receive gsm calls

is it possible to go back to the original firmware?

I'm not familiar with making calls via a router.

Regarding the firmware, have you attempted flashing it via the web GUI?

before installing openwrt,
I wanted to make sure I could go back to the original firmware

I do not own this device, and have rarely reverted back to OEM firmware.

The device page notes a TFTP method, I would surmise you would use the same method to reflash the OEM firmware. You can always test by flashing the OEM firmware over itself.