Use D-Link DSL-224 as a WiFi repeater

Is there a way by which I can use my D-Link DSL-224 as a WiFi repeater? The current firmware does not have a provision to configure it in the repeater mode (for extending the WiFi signal coverage).


There are few ways to extend wireless coverage by connecting two routers wirelessly. For example:

  • WDS: subject to hardware and software comparability
  • Relay-like: using packaes such as relayd or trelay. child router's client in the same subnet as main router.
  • By connecting child router as client to main router, optionally using a package like travelmate. Child client will have it's own subnet.

Having said so, it doesn't look like your device is supported by Openwrt. Very few of DSL-router devices are supported by OpenWrt or other custom firmware projects, due to driver issues.

This device is not supportable due to it having a Realtek CPU with Lexra core (RTL8685)

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Hi, thanks for your response. Yes I realized that this particular device is not supported by Openwrt.

Hi, yeah I realized this is not supported. Thanks!

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