Usbmode not switching device on reboot or when running command - but works when unplugging - Comfast CF-926AC

Hi,I have been trying to set up a simple Router using a Raspberry Pi 4 and Openwrt but have been running into some issues with the Comfast CF-926AC Multi-State USB wifi.

I have gotten it to switch usb modes after installing "usbmode" when unplugging the device and re-plugging it but it does not seem to want to auto switch on boot. I found this Issue on the Openwrt Github but seems like there is no advice on what to do other than a hardware hack.

Any idea why the CF-926AC wont be auto mode switching on reboot?

Running usbmode -l after a reboot shows the device with the same info as in /etc/usb-mode.json but running usbmode -s -v -c /etc/usb-mode.json does not cause it to modeswitch. The only way I can get it to switch modes is to unplug it and replug it then it switches right away.

Any ideas how I can get this to switch via the usbmode command or another way?

Thanks any help and info appreciated. Happy to provide any debugging info that could help solve this issue.

I see people want a software fix for this, and beside the other thread with the script, and seeing this is an old well documented issue.. idk why one would not just pop the hood and remove the resistors mentioned and be done with this. :wink:

Just an update, I finally gave in an removed the resistors and its working well.

Also of note, I purchased and tried out two other Comfast Adapters, the 953AX and 951AX.
953AX seems to work on the usb 2.0 ports but you have to restart the adapter after every reboot - 953AX seems to work even less consistently but would sometimes work. It seems they dont initialize properly on reboot and you have to restart them. Not sure if its a hardware or software / driver issue but I gave up and removed the resistors on the CF-926AC and its working.

Still seems like there is a software issue somewhere since it switches modes on unplug / replug, but not on reboot, but nothing I can figure out at this stage.