Usb3.0 ext4 4T driver writing performance drop dramatically

I have a new 4T USB3.0 toshiba HDD attached to the router (WRT1200AC), the disk is formatted on an old ubuntu system(2.6 kernel) to ext4.(seems the opkg no longer provide mkfs.ext4 on 19.07.2 ?)

The performance started to drop dramatically after I played around and written several 1-4 GB files to it.

Copy files from another NTFS driver with rsync --progress ,I see the speed drops to 700kB/s and keeps that way for a long time (like ~10 min). Then seems goes back to normal speed(>20MB/s).

Is this suppose to be normal (ex. the filesystem was messing something around) ?

Anyone have the same issue ?

You need the kernel module and e2fsprogs.

Check with top or htop if something is slowing down the router while copying.

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