USB WiFi "Router on a stick" options

Hello all!

I am searching for a new replacement for the discontinued Gl.iNet GL-USB150 ( device.

My ideal device has:

  • USB-A male port built in, either directly like a USB flash drive, or on a permanently attached cable like the Asus WL330-NUL (so no need for additional cable to be carried).
  • Supported by mainline OpenWrt builds (no manufacturer specific options)
  • Comes in a USB stick style case already (so this excludes the VoCore2 family of devices)
  • USB to ethernet is nice to have, but not essential.

I've seen options like this (UF896 - Qualcomm MSM8916 LTE router ~384MiB RAM/2.4GiB flash, Android: OpenWrt?) but it doesn't have mainline OpenWrt support, otherwise the form factor is perfect.

I've also looked at the "360 Wifi3" mini router from but I can't seem to find any FCC pictures or reviews that show the chipset.

Could you wonderful people possibly recommend any other devices that fit the criteria?

Thank you!!!

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I don't think there exist such thing nowadays.
If you look at different platforms, they are consuming more power which standard USB-A won't be able to supply enough power.

There was a nearly identical thread about this type of product recently:

If you feel that your question fits nicely into that thread, please consider closing this one and continuing the discussion in that thread. However, if it is sufficiently different, feel free to continue here. But, please be sure to read the discussion in that thread.

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Thanks, I missed that one. Please close this thread (I looked but can't see where to do it. I miss vBulletin days!)