USB stick not connecting at start

i have a Dlink DIR-853 R1 with installed OpenWRT and luci.

I make on usb stick extroot on sda2 partition and sda1 is for samba file server.

Everything works well until i turn off router then turn on with connected stick, router don't recognize it, usb led also don't light up. I need to disconnect stick and connect it after router starts then reboot via luci and then everything works again.
I can't find Dir 853 R1 topic, so sorry if i create this in wrong section. Please move it to a good.

Try using hub-ctrl, to switch the power for the port off and on.

How to do it? I don't have any usb hub.

no one said anything about a hub

Doesn't working. When it connected etc. i can control usb power, on and off but when i added it to startup usb does not turn on. After startup i tried to enter command but it gives me error: Device not found.

Try increasing delay_root, see

If the partition containing your extroot isn't mounted during boot, but you can mount it without problems from a shell, you should try to increase config global / option delay_root. On my system I had to set it to 15 seconds to get extroot working. Another hint to this being the culprit is having a working swap or other partitions mounted after booting, but not your extroot.

I tryed this before but it doesn't working. It looks like router doesn't turning on usb power at start.

I was buy a powered usb hub and now pendrive works at startup. But i have another problem.

My usb is working only in 2.0 not 3.0.
Router has a 3.0 port and hub is usb 3.2.
And i connect also HDD by a external enclosure with USB 3.0 and UASP support but it is still in 2.0.