Usb sim card reader openwrt [solved]

Hello, i want to try to give my router (rasberry pi) internet without any internet points near with a sim card. But since the raspberry pi doesnt have a reader on itself, is there a simcard reader that works on openwrt? Im not too sure how to go look for it. But if anyone knows id like to know

Just 'reading' a SIM card will not give you internet access. You need a cellular modem. These devices accept a SIM card and connect to the cellular network... they will then connect to your downstream device via Ethernet, Wifi, or USB (depending on the model).

So there isnt a usb variant to get it to work?

There are...

You can also search the forums here for the same thing. You'll want to make sure that you get one that has appropriate driver support available in OpenWrt.

Alright thanks!. Im gonna look through them

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