Usb Print Server Archer C7-v1 (4.19 linux-kernel packages)

Hi, im trying to set up a print server on my Archer C7-v1 but im running 4.19 linux-kernel and cannot update or install new packages.
Here's the list of my installed usb drivers

If someone has any ideas, im all ears :grimacing:
Thanks in advance.

Inquiring minds want to know, why can't you update or install new packages?

Once we get past that, here are the instructions to set up a USB print server.

The problem is all new packages have been updated for 5.4 kernel, and cannot update to new firmware because i would have to give up on my 5ghz band.

Options that I can think of:

  1. Wait for the 5.4 Kernel fixes.
  2. Run an older release.
  3. Clone the SDK code base and build your own.
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i couldn't find any older Usb print server tutorials(option 2) :cry:

Microsoft screenshots in the tutorial are from Windows 7, it is dated. Also, the basic setup has not changed since the tutorial was written.