Usb-modeswitch not found (how to run?)

I'm trying to get my usb modem to work with mr3420-v5 flashed with openwrt. However I'm stuck at a pretty initial step that I can't install usb-modeswitch-data and usb-modeswitch is not found? Any ideas?

root@OpenWrt:/# opkg install usb-modeswitch
Installing usb-modeswitch (2017-12-19-f40f84c2-1) to root...
Configuring usb-modeswitch.

root@OpenWrt:/# usb-modeswitch
-ash: usb-modeswitch: not found

root@OpenWrt:/# usb_modeswitch
-ash: usb_modeswitch: not found

root@OpenWrt:/# opkg install usb-modeswitch-data
Unknown package 'usb-modeswitch-data'.
Collected errors:
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package usb-modeswitch-data.


May be outdated, but there will be an aswer for those who search:
As it is written in OpenWrt made significant changes with usb-modeswitch as part of procd system init daemon. The new usb-modeswitch package includes binary usbmode with json-based configuration instead of classic usb_modeswitch binary. Supported modems should switch automatically as long as usbmode service is active. The configuration is
held by /etc/usb-mode.json configuration file.