USB gadget support


Has USB gadget support been removed from current openwrt builds ?

I tried to set up my openwrt device to act as an usb network adapter using the kmod-usb-gadget-eth package, but that package doesn't seem to be found anywhere on current openwrt mirrors... has it been renamed or has the support been simply removed ?

Thanks for any tips....

Not all architectures/SoCs support usb gadget mode or have it enabled. The ath79 target for example does, and the kmod is available for it. You don't mention your device, but I would assume yours doesn't.

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Ah, thanks. I was hoping to use it on wrt1200ac (mvebu), but I had also looked for it on my other devices (r7800 and tl-wr902ac). I had not realized that not every USB controller can act as a USB gadget....

Cool find/topic:

For the record:

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