USB Bluetooth Tethering

Hi All,

I have been trying to connect my android phone to OpenWRT router with USB bluetooth (I have successfully connected with USB cable following the guide " Smartphone USB Tethering to an OpenWrt router", but I don't like the idea of my phone battery constantly being charged while connected with a USB cable, hence the USB Bluetooth attempt).

When I connected the phone via USB bluetooth, the status says "connected", but there's no internet. I did not do the testing part ("Manually testing Bluetooth devices") as I am not sure where to put in the command "# hciconfig" (PuTTY, Command Prompt, Telnet?). Where do I obtain the values for "hciconfig"?

I also didn't do the "Manually insert a pin" for the same reason (I have no idea how to find the pin code for my router (LInksys WRT1900 ac). I am not sure I needed to manually insert a pin. Do I insert the following command onto PuTTY, Command Prompt, or Telnet? And where do I find the values?


Default location for pins for pairing devices. The file is line separated, with the following columns separated by whitespace:

nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn Remote device address.

n 1-8 digit pin code. User may have to consult hardware documentation in cases of hard coded pins. Try 0000

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.



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Do not do strange things and connect by USB that is powered by there and not by the battery, therefore it does not suffer. And using bluetooth would make a bottleneck and drain battery constantly.

I've never been able to use bluetooth on openwrt because there is no way to pair anything, the bluetooth package has always been broken on OpenWrt and no one has wanted to fix it.