URL redirection


How to forward/redirect the following link;




Your support will be highly appreciated.

You'd need to hijack the dns query, send it to a proxy and on the proxy change the contents of the url.


is it really using http ?

then it's probably doable as ChatGP describes it.

It's probably not as it is just changing domain and port, but not the subdirs.


lol @ the pic.

good catch, didn't notice they were different, proxy it is then ... [facepalm]

would you please be able to show how then?

Use some http proxy to alter the url.

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Did you try the answer from ChatGPT?

as @trendy pointed out, it won't work, since the URLs differ, not only the FQDNs and ports.

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Side-note: please do not take chatGPT serious as a solution to any other problem than automatically writing somewhat convincingly sounding prose statistically related to the input. Note how "veridical", "trustworthy", or "true" are not part of what chat GPT (and competing language models) delivers... And honestly, these networks are probably trained with more or less non-curated internet input as building proper training sets is hard and tedious work no one wants to do, the outputs and their relation to the truth are on par for "the internet" in general.
Sure you can probably built a somewhat better auto-complete for code using similar techniques (and restricting the training set to actively used and maintained projects), but even then, if a bug is particularly common, our code auto-complete is likely to repeat that error as well.