Urgent help required. setting up vlan and openwrt. posting using mobile internet. my wifi dead


  1. I have installed open wrt about one week back and playing around the settings and creating troubles to my family😂. Not from programming background. Though I somehow learning to create little bit of multi access point creation, VLAN creation etc. But need urgent help. I couldnt not find any YouTube videos to help me
  2. I need to create a home network with VLANs. I am using TP-Link Archer C6 V2. Got 1 wan port and 4 LAN port. My dream (I don't know that is completely possible also), is to create max VLANs on the router. ie all the lan ports and wifi access points separated. I share wifi with my neighbours. Got two extra modems which using wifi entension I share the internet.
  3. I need the following.
    a). Need a main wifi network.
    b). Need a guest wifi network.
    c). Need a private wifi network.( For work)( with vpn connection) ( got nord account, but don't know how to setup with this)
    d). Need an IOT wifi network for things don't need internet. (Like switches, bulbs etc)
    e). Need an IOT network with internet. ( For Google home,Chromecast)
    f). Need two separate wired connections via LAN port. For my neighbours
    g). Need one lan cable for my gaming PC/PS4. Prefer open NAT type.
    h). I wish all these to be VLANs. Also need to access the multicast option within IOT devices and IOT network devices when connected to main wifi network.
    j). I don't know how much is possible. I might be wrong. But please guide me and help me. After hearing about open wrt and VLANs I am behind this setup only and need to resolve this as soon as possible.
    k). Posting this using mobile internet since my router is down and I lost my hopes in my skills. I use a PPPoE connection with mac cloning wan port.
    Please help urgently.
    Thanking you in advance

That is a bit much for an initial installation...

I would start setting up a standard installation and then extend that one by one.
The guide is here:

Once you have setup the router initially, set up your main wifi in the lan zone.
Then you can set up additional wifis like guest wifis as described in https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/guestwifi/start

this much I have achieved.

Created 4 vlan.and routed them to 4 wifi networks with different subnets. Alos restricted access to root and isolated the devices.

Few helps I need. (Where I am stuck now)

  1. Creating a nord vpn for 1 of the vlan
  2. Creating a Chromecast support (iot) from my main wifi network
  3. My router got 4 physical lan ports and I assigned them all to VLANs. I tried creating a wan vlan but failing. I guess since my connection is ppoe via wan this is not possible. Any comments on this too is appreciated.

The default configuration has the switch configured so that VLAN 2 goes to the WAN port. To use pppoe for wan just change it in the wan network settings. The physical setting would remain as eth0.2 and VLAN 2 in the switch would remain tagged on the CPU and untagged on the WAN port.

You could put your old home network back together to serve family and neighbors, while learn to configure and test the OpenWrt router as a LAN device. That is connect the WAN of the new router to the LAN of the old network. Use the DHCP protocol for WAN and make sure the addresses do not conflict (change the LAN IP from if the upstream network is also 192.168.1.X).

That's great idea. Will switch old router for poor and will connect open wet router to that. Asfar as my goal achievement is considered, I succeeded in vlan creation, iot zone firewall separation, cast from lan to iot.
Anees assistance in setting up vpn. ( I tried but I think can't do that alone ) and dynamic DNS. I am trying that now.

I am attaching the images of my current situation. I believe from this your can make out what I want.

Vlan1 mapped to lan and main wifi network
Vlan 2 wan can't map to any wifi network ( I don't know how to)
Vlan 3 guest network
Vlan 4 iot network
Vlan 5 for neighbour basically planning to connect this to another router to extend the connection.

Casting services enabled using firewall rule.

Need help at following.

  1. Setting up dynamic dns server. Tried open dns one. But couldn't map the dns. Basically to block adult content in guest network.

  2. Vpn if my router can handle.

  3. Any other suggestions to improve the network arrangement.

Thanking you in advance. (I am a beginner, so please forgive me for stupid queries)


[ISP (Modem/ONT) NAT] + [Openwrt NAT] = Double NAT

you need ip modem / ont bridge mode to avoid double nat


OpenWrt as router with disabled NAT, additional routing rules in both routers.