Upstream support for Mikrotik RB960PGS hEX PoE?

Hi everybody,

I would like to buy the Mikrotik RB960PGS hEX PoE because it has PoE and SFP support. I also wanted to install OpenWRT on it but I could only find this forum post. So there seems to be an inofficial build only. @skydiablo asked to push these changes to upstream but I couldn't find any further information about that so I assume this did not happen. I really would like to use this combination but I'm afraid that the missing upstream support will cause trouble in the long run.

Is there any chance to push these changes upstream? I'm no developer but I have experiences with Linux so I could help with bug reports or writing for the wiki.

No upstream support means exactly what it says, there is no support for it, there won't be updates or bugfixes for it, unless someone does the dance to get it merged and supported. So if you do want a supported device, pick something else or look straight into the mirror and ask yourself if you can (and will!) take up where your predecessors left off.

Having the same requirements, I ended up with a ZyXEL GS1900-10HP switch. I'm very happy with that. It's fully supported by OpenWrt, including the managed PoE and SFP slots.

Using a switch does of course mean that you need another box for routing and wifi. But that's much easier to find than this magical all-in-one box. And you can get a much more powerful router if you like.

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