Upnp & Nat-pmp not working

I tried using [miniupnpd] but nat and upnp isn't working on my device. Is there any way I can setup NAT-PMP and UPNP on my device ?

I'm using tp-link archer c6 v3.20. downloaded luci upnp package didn't worked then miniupnpd also didn't work...

Is there anyone can help me out I'm suffering through this problem for weeks now. No ones responding how can it be fixed/what should I do. By this time I feel like there's no hope to it and OpenWRT would not be worthful for me.

You expect people to investigate some unknown error for you, based on "didn't worked" ?

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Weeks - but you posted 8 minutes later?

In a previous thread you discussed upnp with another user. It was noted that you didn't have a Public IP address.

Is it still the cause that you do not have a Public IP address?

I just want to verify this does/doesn't apply any longer. If you do have a Public IP address now, please provide more details on the issues you're having, configurations, etc.