Upgrading to snapshot build with non-standard drive

I just got my first x86 based router (NUC 13). I installed the 22.03.5 ext efi combined image and promptly increased the drive size ([HOWTO] Resizing root partition on x86 (March 2023 edition)). The WiFi card is not being detected and I think it requires the 6.x kernel. I guess I have two questions.

First, how do I upgrade the system with screwing up the new drive size. Can I just use a sysupgrade-compatible image in Luci?

Second, where can I find a sysupgrade-compatible image (or whatever I need) with the 6.x kernel? Is the snapshot branch on the 6.x kernel?

What WiFi card do you have?

Does it show up when you run lsusb or lspci?

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It should have an Intel AX211. That's fine enough for a client, but no good choice for a router or an AP.

Guess op needs to install kmod-iwlwifi

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I installed kmod-iwlwifi, but something still goes wrong. I can see the device in lspci, but ip add does not find it. I think it is potentially missing the firmware. I did not see any obvious errors in dmesg.

I know Intel WiFi is bad, but it is what comes built into the NUC. I figured if I could get it working, then I could see how bad it really is. I have a couple of USB dongle WiFi adapters, but they seem to take work also. i may just have to buy another AP to play around with.

Additionally you could install iwlwifi-firmware-ax210 and see if it works with your AX211. I don't know if this will work, but you could give it a try.

If not,

seems to be the best solution.

If the use case is an AP, the intel AX cards are a dead end.

AFAIK, there are no Openwrt kernel 6 images yet.

Doesn't matter, wireless stack on master is already from 6.1.