Upgrading to newer a newer version of OpenWrt

Hello there,

Recently i started working on an Internet of Things project in my company and for that i'm using a gateway device that currently runs OpenWRT Chaos Calmer. We received a couple of pieces for development purposes from their producer, however it seems they won't update their OpenWRT to the latest version; this gives me some headaches as i really need NodeJS to run on the gateway in order to make everything work since before having this devices i used a raspberry pi with some zigbee/zwave dongles to create a gateway application.

The specs of the device are as follows:

CPU: MT7621
RAM DDR3: 256
NAND Flash: 128
MT7603E for 2.4 GHz WiFi (via PCIe)
MT7662E for 5.0 GHz Wigi (via PCIe)

Zigbee / Zwave NCPs are connected via UART.

I tried building the latest OpenWRT version for it, created a custom DTS file but it only generates the ramips image, there is no sysupgrade-squashfs image there. Whenever i flash the ramips, it works but everything is lost on reboot and the partitions are not mounted by default.

I created the DTS file by simply copying the one from the MT7603 EVB profile and carefully partitioned the NAND flash there; i've also created a new profile and i've specified it's DTS file just like the other profiles do.

Is there anything i'm missing?

Thank you so much for your help!

I'd suggest that you have a look at a commit where a MT7621 device is added which will give you some pointers as documentation is sparse. You can also either do a PR on GitHub or post a patch on the mailing list.