Upgrading HT-TM05 to 21.02.0

Has anyone had any success upgrading an HT-TM05 to the latest 21.02 version? 19 is running ok, but when I try to upgrade I always get:

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

The checksums check out, not sure what else to do.

I'm trying to get the TM05 wiki updated, but you have to use the TFTP method except there are two files now.

  • Download the Kernel-SQUASHFS binary and rename to kernel (no extension)
  • Download the rootfs binary and rename to rootfs (no extension)

The TM05 will first get the kernel file and then the rootfs file and install them. It takes awhile but eventually it will reboot itself and OpenWRT will be available on the ethernet port at

Edit: I have updated the wiki with the instructions. https://openwrt.org/toh/hootoo/ht-tm05

I have tried this a number of different ways and have not been able to get it to go. The device will respond to the tftp push, blue led flashes a few sequences, then nothing. Never get a green led or an IP, even after reboot.

I have been able to push 19.07.2 via the single kernel file method (no rootfs), but nothing from the recent 22.xx builds.

EDIT: another user mentioned only snapshot support - tried that too - no dice.

Did you use the Latest Firmware method here: https://openwrt.org/toh/hootoo/ht-tm05#wip_openwrt_install

Yessir. It’ll flash, but hangs on blue led after reboot. Never goes green. Using tftp as instructed.

EDIT: tried your method for 21.02.0 just in case, no go. And I was able to successfully revert to 19.07.9 so that's a little progress...

EDIT 2: also tracking the issue in HooToo Tripmate Titan HT-TM05 Travel Router Upgrade with @xabolcs and @arrmo

In the TFTP, you see it pull both rootfs and kernel?
When you change your computer’s IP to after the upload, are you able to access OpenWRT at even with the light blue?

No - when it reboots it appears to try to flash again.

EDIT - @domg welp, I tried one more time with 23 and instead loaded the rootfs after it asked for it, but not sure this made a difference. However, I was a little more patient with trying to access after setting IP to and that appeared to work, as I have access. The LED behavior is wild... and it's not issuing an IP nearly as fast as it used to... so there's a bit of a learning curve. I suspect the dev's are attempting to use the led as more of an activity display as opposed to the state display we may be used to. Boot time is certainly much slower than 19...