Upgrading from v18 to v19 (wrt1900acs)

I hope that this question hasn't already been answered elsewhere (ad nauseam). I did some searching and couldn't find anything. I am running a Linksys WRT1900ACS. I started on v18 and have done all the same version upgrades that became available, without issue. Thanks to the documentation and the generous people here I did this by unchecking the box for saving the settings, flashing, redownloading a few options (like luci-ssl) that were lost, and then using my backup config to restore my layout/settings. This has worked well.

I am now about to attempt my first upgrade to a higher version number. When I was getting ready to do this I was sure, on the home page, that there was some commentary about it not being an issue to follow the same process I have been to move from 18 to 19. Now I can't find that anywhere. Maybe I was just sleep deprived and imagined I read that, but I don't think so. Has there been issues such that those comments have been removed?

So, my question is can I follow this same process, or is what I have read in here in regards to other major version upgrades the best approach, which is rebuild the entire layout from scratch? I would prefer not to do this if possible since my skills are not on the level of many of the posters here, and it will take me quite awhile. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated so as to save me time or save me heartache. Thanks.

There are no major issues / config changes for your router in the 18-19 bump. You should be able to just sysupgrade keeping settings and then reinstall your add-on packages like SSL support.

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Thanks for the reply @hnyman I did the upgrade and had no issues. For anyone who found this by a search on this topic, I did follow the procedure I outlined above, sysupgrade, unchecking the box for saving the settings, reinstall add-on packages, then restoring from my backup config. Everything I had set up was all there as hoped.

I did encounter one thing that seems to have changed and I was hoping someone might have some input on this. I didn't think it was worth starting a new thread for it. I have the time set for my local time zone, and in all ver 18 builds it always showed the time as expected for that time zone. Now in ver 19 it shows the time as UTC even when set to the local time zone. I tried to search for anything related to this but couldn't find anything. Any idea why this may be happening?