Upgrading Banana Pi r2 21.02.3 to 22.03.0

I've been creating my own builds of openwrt using the v21.02.x tags on the openwrt-21.02 branch. Each time I create a new build I've installed it by running

sysupgrade openwrt-mediatek-mt7623-bpi_bananapi-r2-squashfs-img.gz

I've discovered that I should be using the .itb file with sysupgrade rather than the method above.

Question: Has anyone successfully upgraded a Banana Pi R2 from 21.02.x to 22.03.0 using

sysupgrade openwrt-mediatek-mt7623-bananapi_bpi-r2-squashfs-sysupgrade.itb

The changes in commit 1ee75dd290 make me a little nervous regarding this particular upgrade.