Upgrading Alfa Network AC1200R from Barrier Breaker 14.07

Looking for general guidance on upgrading from Barrier Breaker to the latest OpenWrt on my ALFA 1200R. I was able to get Barrier Breaker on the router with a custom image from this guide: https://oldwiki.archive.openwrt.org/toh/alfa.network/ac1200r

According to the compatibility matrix the router should support 19.07.2. The only instructions from the guide are:

(do it under U-Boot, using UART and TFTP server): Select option "2: Load system code then write to Flash via TFTP" and use "sysupgrade" image.

I've gotten so far as connecting to the router through the UART interface. I can do a sysupgrade -F to the 19.07.2 image but this doesn't boot and leads me to a prompt from the UART MINICOM terminal where I go through the steps again to install the custom 14.07 image

I think I am close. I can send the initramfs bin to the device with TFTP, just not sure how to get it to boot. The custom 14.07 image boots immediately after TFTP transfer without any further interaction with the prompt


Git commit (guide)

I don't think it will work. The image you are trying to install is from AC1200RM based on MediaTek MT7620A + MT7612EN.
Your device has Realtek RTL8197DN + RTL8192EE + RTL8812AE .


ALFA Network AC1200R is not supported by OpenWrt due to its unsupported Lexra SoC.
See https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/hardware/soc/soc.realtek#lexra for more details.

SoCs of the Lexra Architecture are not supported by OpenWrt since years. It is unlikely that this status changes anytime soon.

IMHO: There are better ways to waste your time than trying to get a current OpenWrt running on a Lexra device.


Thanks for your input guys. I guess someone must have put a lot of work into this barrier breaker build I am using.

Thanks again. I will move onto better things (like finding a router which actually supports OpenWrt)

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