Upgrade AX3600 from SNAPSHOT r23375 to r23685

Hello i have router xiaomi ax3600 with:
Platform - ipq807x/generic|
Firmware Version SNAPSHOT r23375-cdfcac6e24 / LuCI Master git-23.158.78004-23a246e

in Attended Sysupgrade dont have nothing new to download...

i go to site https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=SNAPSHOT&target=qualcommax%2Fipq807x&id=xiaomi_ax3600

and i see there is upgrade to version SNAPSHOT r23685 but for other platform qualcommax/ipq807x

What is difrent between ipq807x/generic vs qualcommax/ipq807x

i can download sysupgrade file and make upgrade manual ?

DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23602-9a5b1af670'

I updated with luci. The Distribution target has been changed..

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The whole ipq807x target was just renamed as QualcommAX, and ipq807x was demoted to be a subtarget. Old ipq807x/generic is now qualcommax/ipq807x

This is just a rename, no change in functioanality, but you need to override the compatibility warnings in sysupgrade.

how to swap permissions for sysupgrade? so i can upgrade from luci and sysupgrade ?

When you try to sysupgrade, LuCI will warm about sysupgrade image metadata failure. There will be a checkbox to override the warning and try flashing in any case. You can just select that.

Note that if you download a basic snapshot sysupgrade file, it will not have LuCI gui. You will need to install Luci with opkg from SSH console.

I cant upgrade with Luci >
In option i have this:

and in overview this:

i find upgrade in site firmware-selector

Attendedsysupgrade is not the basic sysupgrade...

You need to download the image from the download site, and then select from "system" menu the choice "backup / flash firmware".

what i need choice ?

why not simply use the link in your 1st post, and add luci + any additional packages you've installed, to the list of packages ?

i install it :slight_smile: and now habe upgrade packed drivers ... i think it works now :slight_smile:

Don't ever upgrade packages.

I have this same situation and I would like to download image with custom packages. How can I export all installed packages to add to firmware selector custom list?

@frollic @hnyman
Why this script from OpenWrt doesnt works?

sysupgrade -k -b - \
| tar -O -z -x -f - etc/backup/installed_packages.txt \
| awk -e '/\s(overlay|unknown)$/{print $1}'

I see nothing ftext iles with packages :confused:

it does

... etc

I dont understand why I didnt get that list ;/