Updating to 18.x snapshot blew away my eth1 (WAN) and turned my router into a bridge

Did a sysupgrade from probably the last pre-18.x snapshot to today's 18.x trunk snapshot. My Netgear 3800 came up with no more eth1 (the WAN interface). Further, I couldn't get it into a usable Openwrt FailSafe mode-- remained not pingable. After switching to my ISP's open WiFi to search for solutions online, I came back to Openwrt and found it in bridge mode, directly passing the lone public IPv4 addr my ISP assigns to the laptop I was using for troubleshooting. Of course, I couldn't get into Openwrt to see what was going on. Finally downloaded the 18.06 release image on my ISP's WiFi and uploaded it through the TFTP Failsafe mode. Used untar to restore a pre-18.x config archive, like I've always done, but it didn't appear to restore anything even after rebooting. Then enabled and used Luci web interface to restore. It seemed to work for the most part, but some bits still weren't restored, such as both wireless interfaces. Tried to configure wireless anew and found the "revert after failing to apply new config after 30 seconds" really annoying, such as when trying to re-address my LAN interface. Is Openwrt trying to cater to grandparents now? That was followed by a major struggle getting various unrestored WiFI settings applied, without rebooting, especially on the 5GHz one. Eventually got the WiFi settings applied after a reboot.

You probably fell over:


Also, trying to enable KracK protection tends to hose WiFi, particularly the 5GHz one.

Urgh! Those commits were to supposed to minor tweak that made debugging easier and instead ended up hosing devices with external (to the SoC) switches. Not sure how it ended up in 18.06 branch though; they were created and submitted to master only.

Likely the OP was actually using the master branch "trunk snapshot" and was not using 18.06 at all.

The problem in master is already fixed by those linked commits and the current buildbot snapshot from master should be ok for wndr3800. (and the 18.06 branch was never affected)

Or the OP might also download my community firmware for wndr3800. The newest build was made after that fix.

18.06 was branched off two months ago, and has been separate since then. So the daily trunk snapshots have already differences to the stable 18.06 branch.

additional clarification: the buggy commits in master affected specifically ar71xx devices and likely only the early devices that had separate switches, like WNDR3700, WDR3800 etc.
Closer explanation of the bug (and the culprit commits) can be found from the PR in https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/1217#issuecomment-409708087

The buggy commits were in master just for two days, before they got reverted. The current buildbot snapshots should be again ok. (onyl the snapshots from 31.7.-1.8.2018 were affected)

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Yeah, it was r7711-f63f20f according to /etc/openwrt_version. I assumed trunk snapshot after 18.06 release would be 18.x too.

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