Updating the package lists on the wiki

Hi everybody!

Does anyone know who has the ability to regenerate the package list on the wiki for 22.03?

At the moment, it's still pointing 21.02: https://openwrt.org/packages/index/start

I've reached out to bobafetthotmail, wigyori, tmomas, jow, thess via DM or email but no one is familiar with the process or has been unresponsive after a period of many weeks.

We should probably add updating these pages as a task to the release checklist to make sure this always is in sync with the current release.

Additionally, I’m interested on getting feedback on a proposed update to the template used for these pages:

I’d propose adding a direct link to packages on downloads.openwrt.org in this template. This is something the Debian project does for packages.debian.org that I have found very useful. I think re-using the existing architecture links would be the best ergonomics/UX.


Okay, some progress: I was able to make contact with thess today who is going to work on regenerating the index. Stay tuned!

Success. Big thanks to thess. I’ve gone ahead and updated the package index page to reflect the current index and will be working with him to get the template updated in the near future. The package index script is now cron’d again and should update weekly.

After stumbling along to (re-)generate the 22.03 package index, we lost the 21.02 data which should have been manually archived before generating the new stuff - duh. Anyway, we will regenerate the archive data today for 21.02 and things should be fine - for now.


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