Updating Mi Router 4A Giga Edition to official OpenWRT

I own a Mi Router 4A, which I bought in May 2021. With the help of the following links I have installed the OpenWRT build from Araujorm.

OpenWrt on the Xiaomi 4A, 4C, 3Gv2, 4Q, 3C | Hoddys Guides

(23) Installing OpenWrt on the Xiaomi 4A, 4C, 3Gv2, 4Q, miWifi 3C and debrick method OLD VERSION - YouTube

This is the build which I have installed:

As I understand it from the info on the OpenWRT site, is there now an official build for the router?

Can someone please tell me which is the right way to upgrade my router to the official stable Version?


Is this the right way to achieve my goal?

we know nothing about the image you're currently using.

you could try the openwrt 4A giga sysupgrade image, but there's no guarantee it'll work.

openwrt assumes you're running stock fw, when migrating to openwrt.

Is there a guide to follow? Maybe I should switch to stock before trying the sysupgrade?

Mmh, thanks for your reply, but the link doesn't contain detailed information. Is there a risk to brick my router when I try sysupgrade directly from my openwrt installation? I don't know how to revert to stock.

it does, but not going from your specific situation/fw.

there's a slim risk, yes.

from the 3rd party fw you're on, neither do we.

but my guess is, the debricking guide should work.

But I'm using a version of openwrt. It is mentioned in the first post.

you're using a derivative of openwrt, one we don't know anything about.
this was mentioned in the 3rd post.