Update the Luci web interface Skin

Hello dear developers.
Thank you for all your hard work
The user interface of Luci is very smooth and good, but please update this "login page transferer " because I think it's time to update it too. Because it doesn't look modern at all and I think it's too old for user interfaces. It was more tolerable, but it is not beautiful at all for the newer versions.
[ At the moment ]

Please Make the interface of this page more graphic

[ Suggested ]

Although several years have passed since the old versions, the only place where I think you never updated it.

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This is an open source project, feel free to chip in.

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Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant

If you want a change, please program the change, test it and propose it via a pull request.

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I mean, it is the html page that takes the user to the login page, it is better to change its skin

I though that was actually changed recently.

I am now using version 22.03.5 but there is no update!

I meant that it was updated before version 22.

again, make the improvment, and post it via a pull request.

what's stopping you ?

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What is a pull request?



Excuse me, please suggest this item yourself because I didn't succeed and besides, I haven't worked with github before.

Then you'll learn something new.