Update RTL8811AU Driver found on Master

Hello everyone!

The current driver found on OpenWRT Master is based on the Realtek release 4.3.14

But there is a more recent version available based on the Realtek release

I want to help updating this driver to the latest version as this driver is a off-the-tree driver.

My intention with this is to be able to use a TP-Link T2U Plus WiFi dongle to "upgrade" my router with 802.11ac on the cheap.

The first roadblock is the driver's version: my device is not supported by the driver packaged on OpenWRT.

The second roadblock (for me) is that I am using a TP-Link WDR4900 based on mcp85xx PowerPC archtitecture. The driver ( has been tested on x86 and ARM, but not on PowerPC. I believe the current driver present on OpenWRT provided by Ben Greear is compatible with MIPS architecture.

Thanks for reading this post. Cheers!

search the forum... this statement is incorrect... the driver semi-worked as of over a year ago... and the known limitations are well documented...

it is not as you say a 'version' issue... but one of turning whatever frankendriver you have from realtek into one that supports typical api...

good luck...

The problem with Realtek's drivers seem to be they fart out a code dump now and then, and move on again. Relying on USB based wireless adapters isn't recommended either. There's cheap entry level 802.11ac devices to be had that will be way more reliable than a Realtek wireless USB adapter on OpenWrt.