Update mwlwifi for 18.06.1?

I considered updating mwlwifi in 18.06.1 to the same version used in current master and was wondering if the stability of the master version is adequate.

Are there huge known issues in the master version or is it working good enough for backporting to the release?


Working well on mamba and rango for me. Quite a few people use the updated one from the forum thread, but that is actually ahead of what is currently in master. I would not anticipate any breakage issues with cherry-picking the current one, but..., should add I am only running master.

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I have been using 18.06.0 (including all prior pre-release and release candidates) and have always updated to the latest mwlwifi drivers thanks to @eduperez and his pre-compiled (latest and greatest) mwlwifi drivers/firmware (https://github.com/eduperez/mwlwifi_LEDE). It has been a rock solid experience in recent months. In my case, it is the WRT3200ACM. My network is a mix of devices (ultrabooks, iPads, iPhones, gaming devices, Netflix, etc. The wife and kids have not complained at all in the last 6-8 months or more, so that generally is a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would vote in favor of backport based on stability.

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From a user point of view I recommend updating to the version used by @eduperez

I think that version would solve a lot of the recent problems that have been posted about 2.4ghz.

I have been using the updated version of the drivers on my 1200ac for a couple of months and I don't have any of the problems I did using the stock drivers on 15.01.5

Backporting the one in master should be fine. I have had no issues with it so far on a WRT3200ACM.

Current latest version is broken for wrt1200 and wrt1900ac v2. See e.g. https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/308
And him confirming here: https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/314#issuecomment-409778920

I decided to revert to a few months older build

Both of those bug reports referred to old version from March. Jow is proposing to switch away from that version (which is now in 18.06)...

Because the issue still exist in the 0615 driver, and since there have been hardly any changes. Current master is still broken for my chipset

Hi I am running:
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7773-1c4a255 / LuCI Master (git-18.220.31345-7609919)
Kernel Version
I am not shure what driver this build has, but it's working fine.
Pleas can you see if the driver in master is the latest?

What device?


I am currently repackaging updated drivers from mwlwifi's repo, and publishing them at the link mentioned by @WildByDesign. In practice, the people who download and install my packages are running the latest version from mwlwifi.

The general consensus, and my personal experience, is that drivers have been improving with time. However, latest commits have been centered about preparing the path for MU-MIMO (which is still unsupported), adding support for 8W8997 (which is not used by any device supported by OpenWrt, AFAIK) and some cosmetic fixes; I do not think there is anything really interesting after version


Currently we have the following situation:

  • Most recent upstream version:
  • OpenWrt master:
  • OpenWrt 18.06.0:
  • LEDE 17.01.5:
  • eduperez mwlwifi_LEDE:

As I understood @eduperez and the others there are no known problems in version (used in OpenWrt master) compared to version (used in OpenWrt 18.06.0), so an update of this version in OpenWrt 18.06.12 would be ok.
An update to version would not change much.

That's about right, updating to for 18.06.1 should be fine, at least for WRT3200ACM.

WRT1200 and WRT1900AC do have open issues but those are also present in as far as I know.

OpenWrt 18.06.1 will now use version, I just committed this update to the branch.
If nobody sees any advantage in version I will stay with that.

Agree. It's a pity we can't have different versions per sub target (let WRT3200 stay at latest, have the WR1900AC/1200 have an older version, etc)