[UPDATE] LEDE 17.01.6 custom builds for TP-LINK WR841N(D) WR941N(D) WR743N(D) WR741N(D) WR740N(D) All Versions


You can provide me with the Build Script, I have lost all my information from my PC and I want to compile a version of LEDE 17.0.7 for a colleague.

Thank you

Hello @xhaka

What is your email?
I will send all my material to you.


Hello,question to topic creator,did you doing something similar custom LEDE/OpenWrt based firmware only for these WR841/WR941/WR743/WR741N/WR740 with D or you can "bake" and for example to TP-Link TL-WR843N/ND v1 :slight_smile:

Hi ,
These custom builds are compatible with the devices mentioned in their N or ND versions.

I am currently working on a light version of LEDE 17.01.7 & libreCMC that only contain Zram-Swap, SQM-Scripts and in some cases luci-proto-relay (bridge mode protocol)

Coming Soon 2019-07-28

okay then,i can wait till that day,it will be like universal custom Openwrt based firmware?and no fear that can brick mine cheap router?:grin:

What was promised, here they are Custom Builds LEDE v17.01.7 & libreCMC v1,4,5 for..

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You should consider building from the lede-17.01 branch instead of the .7 tag as a security fix was committed shortly after .7 was released. It's the same fix that made them release 18.06.4 shortly after .3.

Which security fix was that?

in LEDE 17.01.7 i just see couples security fix"es https://openwrt.org/releases/17.01/changelog-17.01.7 after that no more releases with 17.x prefix?

Maybe I've misunderstood but I was under the impression that the kernel was updated to 4.4.184, which was released to fix a problem in the fix for this: https://lwn.net/Articles/791409/

Fixes for CVE-2019-11477/11478/11479 are included in 17.01.7, see

Obviously a fix for that fix which wasn't released yet wouldn't be included in that changelog, but I assume what you are alluding to is that the fix for that fix wasn't actually a security fix. It's was still important enough that they released 18.06.4 a few days after 18.06.3, though. https://linuxreviews.org/New_Older_Stable-Branch_Kernels_released_with_Steam_fix:_4.4.184,_4.9.184_and_4.14.131_are_now_available

Thank you very much for your work! It is working correctly on my WR841N v10 as a universal repeater.

840n v2 please.

LEDE 17.01.6 Lite Edition is the most stable of all builds on my TL-WR841N v5. Nothing unnecessary - maximum reliability for standard applications.
Thanks, Xhaka...

Hello @xhaka
First of all thank you for making these for people.

I wanted to ask if the privacy image or firmware would work with WR841N v14

I am a new user in this forum. I don't know much about Linux or Routers. My first post is here if you're interested in what brought me to OpenWRT.
Again, thanks for contributing to the people.

WR741ND v4.24

As router for 24+ wired clients and 3 wireless clients.

Downgraded from "openwrt-18.06.8-ar71xx-tiny-tl-wr741nd-v4-squashfs-factory" to "LEDE v17.01.6-Lite -ar71xx-generic-tl-wr741nd-v4-squashfs-factory"

The difference is noticeable.

So far, the only tweak I have done is to disable uhttpd to avoid anyone trying to access the router via web, ssh set to lan only.

@xhaka Great work dude.

Since this is the latest comment here I have to add: for a device like the WR741N or WR841N (with D or not), this firmware is the correct one. Remember that these models are cheap, they do not have much memory and even with the current updated oem software suck.

Their processing power is not much, so do not believe you can turn these devices into a full fledge cisco thing, it just won't.

Another thing that I believe, is that, because of the cheap nature, going beyond version 18 could be too much to handle, being in version 17 seems to be the sweet spot between performance and reliability, it runs good (not faassst with many users) but decently good and stable.

If version 17 is right for you, harden it, take all the security precautions to avoid getting hacked and enjoy.

Please do remember all this when getting one of theses models.

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I have TP-Link TL-WR740N v4 on stable 19.07.5 and wondering if any of those older builds have 20db tx-power capability. Because right now the device won't go any more than 16db power even if its set to US. My Archer C7 v5 doesn't have this issue.

I read somewhere that it's written in rom, and requires hacking it. Asking if this older custom builds have this hack or it gives more than 16db (set to 18db max, shows 16db) without a hack due to older firmware builds?

link does not work , can you reupload , i wanna try this, thanks @xhaka

I Need A firmware with l2tp support. WR740N