Update firmware router ZBT WRT 8305RT

hi I have a wifi router ZBT WRT8305RT with LEDE LUCI firmware version 17. etc. etc. (I don't remember the version well): I used this router specifically with an ALFA AWUS036NH usb card, (while with an ALFA AWUS036NHR v2 usb card it didn't work because did not have drivers among the packages installed because they were not in the database).
The other day, following the settings on the port fowarding which I could not find a solution to, I thought that by updating the firmware of the router I could solve the problem. I therefore updated the router with the open wrt 19.7 firmware. etc.etc (the last one) and none of the usb cards worked anymore. Panicked I went in search of the firmware that had previously the router and found it I installed the latest version of the firmware LEDE LUCI on 17.01.6 Obviously it was with the basic packages (without additional packages pre-installed by the seller where I had purchased it in the 2018 precisely to make it work with ALFA usb cards). Then I connected it to the network and luckily I had the complete list of packages that it had previously installed and I put everything back in place, in fact now the USB card AWUS036NHR v2 also works.
I would like to know for this type of router which is the most updated version of the firmware as long as it works with the ALFA AWUS036NH and ALFA AWUS036NHR v2 usb cards. At the moment I have the "lede-17.01.6-ramips-mt7620-zbt-wr8305rt-squashfs-sysupgrade" and it's fine

I think, you should just install additional packets, try to find by name of your cards. See also log, when you are inserting your cards.

Ok, I want to explain better: with my router ZBT WRT 8305RT after updating it with the latest LEDE LUCI 17.01.6 firmware in addition to the USB card ALFA AWUS036NH now also my other card AWUS036NHR v2 works (with the previous firmware LEDE LUCI quest last one did not work): at the moment I downloaded all the packages I had previously with the old firmware for which it is now perfect. I would like to know if: by installing the latest OPENWRT firmware 19.7. can i still use the two usb cards? Maybe even with this firmware it's a matter of downloading packages? Which fimrware is recommended to install for my router: leave the latest version of the LEDE LUCI (17.01.6) or install the latest openwrt firmware 19.7?

I am not sure if it will help and I do not know the specific devices you say, but in this list of packages is there any package-name that seems related to the USB cards, related by brand, device type, etc?

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