Update a package written back in 2017 to a newer version


I'm using a particular package, then i realized its an old package with code written back in 2017, several releases of that code has been done since then, but hasnt made it into OpenWRT package system.

How do i update the package to the newest or a newer version.


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What is your thing ?

You will need a build environment to compile the latest package source.

Thanks, do you know how to do that? Can I just tell it to use the latest version and tell it where to get the code? I'm not an OpenWRT build expert so i got zero idea how to do it. There must be some procedure to update packages to a new release?

Why don't you tell us the package name so we can look it up and see who maintains it in the OpenWrt repository?

Or if you prefer to search yourself: https://openwrt.org/packages/table/start

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Hi the package name is gphoto2 and libgphoto2, I would just like to know how to upgrade the package inside OpenWRT to the latest one.

Im using "Onion Omega2+" Hardware with OpenWRT. Seems their version of OpenWRT that they forked has that package written way back in 2017.

Maybe there is some command to upgrade it?

I thought this was already answered - which is why we needed the package name. You established that's not currently possible (at least not from the official repository).

You're trying to control a digital camera on OpenWrt...ummmmm OK...

(I understand now why this hasn't been updated. I highly advise just installing this on a normal laptop or PC.)

They have the same maintainer. I don't see a forum account for the person.

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Thanks for the comments, do you know how the packages gets into the onion OpenWRT build?

Did onion manually put them in there, or do they just grab OpenWRT (with gphoto2 already in there) and adapt that for onion?

I would suggest you first install a supported Official OpenWrt for your device. We can’t support unofficial forks. Your device appears to have had support beginning at Rel: 17.01.0 through the most Current Rel: 22.03.2.

The current gphoto2 Package for OpenWrt is currently at v2.5.26 from October 2020 that pulls the source from Sourceforge, so if you want to set up a full build system (Linux host or on a VM) for a single package, an edit to the Makefile will let you build a package for v2.5.30 from July 2022.

You could also just open an issue at https://github.com/openwrt/packages requesting an update to the package to 2.5.30.

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thank for the email. I tried what you suggest, I upgraded the versions in the make file (for both gphoto2 and libgphoto2), and also the hash, but when tried building seems the old patch files which were in there caused the build to fail.

Gphoto2 and libgphoto2 are two packages that are needed to work together, so both of them needs to be updated.

I made a new post requesting someone update those packages to the latest versions, becuase the ones that are in there are 5 years old, so a lot of fixes and improvements have been done which are not included in the OpenWRT.


Thanks for your reply