Unsure about Hardware Choice

So i've now ordered two c6 and shot a s920/GX-415GA with 8gbram and 24gb ssd (well, in a pack with two others that i'll have to resell ^^), ordered a riser and a dual-gbit NIC.
If i'm not mistaken i should probably create my own x86 image with larger partitions, right?
That should also work for the squashfs-partition scheme (so bigger r/w partition) and not just for the 'combined' way, right?

Now another thought crossed my mind though: my FTTH provider will accept any GPON modem, not just the ones they sell.
From what i could find, there aren't really any GPON-Modems in the form of PCI-E cards, or did i miss something?
What i found was the 'workaround' to have a SFP NIC and a GPON-Module for that.
Would it make sense to attach the fibre that way to the s920 and use the integrated NIC to attach the rest of the network? Does it have any up- or downsides doing it that way instead of a separate modem and the dual-NIC in the PCI-E slot?

nah, the squashfs is harder to resize than the ext4, but still doable.
that's the reason why I go for the ext4.

do they actually provide you with a fiber connection only ? not even a media converter ?

it's doable, but check the power requirements/draw, there isn't plenty of extra power available in the S920.
the dual core version of the S920 would often fail to post with an addon NIC card installed.
you've got the quad core, but it tells you one or two things about the power available ...

They offer two different fritzboxes or a 'modem' to be bought from them (not mandatory though), or i can use 'my own GPON device'. That's all the details i have for now, but sounds to me like a 'yes'.

Good to know - i guess the power supply is the limiting factor?
The biggest question i have is: would this offer any benefits? The NIC-Card plus their modem together amount to around 65€, SFP-Card plus module will probably be more expensive, at least from a quick search, so without any noticeable benefits (besides one less device and cable) i can spare me further research ^^

I wouldn't fiddle around with optical SFPs and stuff in the S920, get something like https://www.tp-link.com/se/business-networking/accessory/mc210cs/ (not saying this one is right for you).
I'm sure you can find used ones that work, assuming you know what to get, but Google is
probably your friend.

I think it was a PCIe power issue.

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I'm late to the party, but since I looked it up I might as well share the comparison:.

The AMD GX-415GA in your S920 appears comparable in performance to the rk3399 in a NanoPi R4S, with the R4S slightly better. It also appears you were able to purchase the Fujitsu S920 and NIC for less than an R4S that already comes with Ethernet ports too.

yeah, i'll see what exactly they are offering as a modem, but i guess there shouldn't really be a performance difference between different models? And it seems 50€ (that they charge for the modem) isn't really much more expensive than the cheapest offerings i'll probably just go with the one they offer.

Huh, wouldn't have expected a difference at the PCIe power supply between dual/quad-core models.

Well, Geekbench tends to favor ARM quite heavily in some areas, so i don't know how real-world-relevant that comparison is. But thanks for sharing anyway :slight_smile:
A RasPi4 was my first thought when starting to research, but seeing that they went up from 70€ in '21 to 200€ now, that involuntarily raised my middlefinger ^^
And all future-proofing aside, i'd wager that even the s920 is way overpowered for my (realistic) needs, so i have a good feeling for that. That's why i created this thread after all - and this community didn't disappoint :grin:

No doubt.

And yeah, RaspPi4B's are no bargain of late. NanoPi prices have at least not gone into the stratosphere yet, and they come with a quality machined metal case and two Gig ports.

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God idea, assuming it can be put into bridge mode, you don't want to be double NATing, or the S920 was bought for nothing.

(2nd part removed, misunderstood)

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Good point - will try to keep in mind to clarify that beforehand!

yeah i meant the power supply on the mainboard - the external powersupply probably only delivers 12v, so there have to be some converters on the mainboard

Regarding gigabit ports, I wouldn't really bother. Anything with 10G ports will be very expensive, therefore a proper managed switch is probably required if/when you need them. I wouldn't bother unless you truly believe that you already have numerous devices frequently overloading their 1G networks and being restricted by a 1G congestion somewhere.

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Great minds think alike!

Well, Geekbench tends to favor ARM quite heavily in some areas, so i don't know how real-world-relevant that comparison is. But thanks for sharing anyway :slight_smile:

If you have more usage on VPN, NanoPi R4S definitely runs faster, I saw someone tested with the GX-412 (PCEngine APU2, same family as your GX-415GA just without the strong GPU and slightly slower clock), OpenVPN is about 100M while R4S can give at least 200M, given that R4S has more cores as well the Wireguard performance can hit 800Mbps+ but APU2 was about 600.

And R4S is consuming only 5W power even on heavy load......with that 4GB ram you can get also quite a number of containers on it, and not to mention it's size, of course the only drawback is dual LAN port (and Realtek) only, while your S920 can add Intel quad port.

Apples and bananas?
The GX-412 is 8 years old, AFAIK the R4S isn't.

I don't intend to do this comparison, just I saw that OP was talking about the Fujitsu S920 (the AMD old CPU) and R4S and that's why I am posting this.

I'll see how my performance in that regard will be once i set up wireguard - i made a nice deal for a 920 with 8gb ram and 24gb msata for 40 (well, plus 20 for NIC and riser) bucks i guess. The R4S would be at least double that, if not more. So if i get at least half the performance out of it, it seems like a good deal ^^
I'll see if i run into any bottlenecks and if that's not too far in the future, i'll document it here :slight_smile:


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