Unsupported package(s): irqbalance. It has a new name?

Hi, building my config with the online image builder (snapshot) for the R7800 I get this weird error:

Unsupported package(s): irqbalance

So i searched for it in the opkg packages but it also don't found it

No packages matching "irqbalance"

So, since I'm using it from years, it has changed the name? What's going on with irqbalance? It's a very useful package.

Also because from the OpenWrt info page, it's still here (https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/irqbalance):

Name: irqbalanceVersion: 1.9.0-4
Description: The purpose of irqbalance is to distribute hardware interrupts across\\ processors/cores on a multiprocessor/multicore system in order to\\ increase performance.\\ \\

Last modified: 2022/07/17 05:26


There is just an intermittent build error about it which needs to be fixed.

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Oh okay, thanks for the info, I was already in panic :grin:

Also the buildbot notices it:


OpenWrt-libtool: link: arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi-gcc -I/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/usr/include -Os -pipe -fno-caller-saves -fno-plt -fhonour-copts -Wno-error=unused-but-set-variable -Wno-error=unused-result -mfloat-abi=hard -ffile-prefix-map=/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/build_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/irqbalance-1.9.0=irqbalance-1.9.0 -Wformat -Werror=format-security -fstack-protector -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 -Wl,-z -Wl,now -Wl,-z -Wl,relro -znow -zrelro -o irqbalance activate.o bitmap.o classify.o cputree.o irqbalance.o irqlist.o numa.o placement.o procinterrupts.o  -L/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/toolchain-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_gcc-11.3.0_musl_eabi/usr/lib -L/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/toolchain-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_gcc-11.3.0_musl_eabi/lib /builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/usr/lib/libglib-2.0.a -liconv -lm
/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/staging_dir/toolchain-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_gcc-11.3.0_musl_eabi/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi/11.3.0/../../../../arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -liconv
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[6]: *** [Makefile:565: irqbalance] Error 1
make[6]: Leaving directory '/builder/shared-workdir/build/sdk/build_dir/target-arm_cortex-a15+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/irqbalance-1.9.0'
make[5]: *** [Makefile:652: all-recursive] Error 1

My guess is that it has something to do with the recent libiconv changes by @neheb

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Hi hyman, thanks for the reply, so we have only to wait to be fixed, since I have no idea on where to look, and on git I haven’t found the issue. But probably I haven’t search well.

Anyway I wouldn’t build the firmware without irqbalance.

I already merged the earlier PR from neheb, which PR had been waiting for the iconv stuff to get merged.

That PR adds also some additional compilation complications (meson build system), lets see how it goes.


You probably didn't search the OpenWrt packages github GUI, so that you would have seen the PR

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Oh thank you for that! (I’ve searche only on https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=summary not GitHub, that was my error)

You apparently also erred in searching just the main OpenWrt git, which contains only the core packages, but not irqbalance.

Luci and packages have their own feeds, e.g.

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