Unrealistic speeds read by speedtest-go ... anyone else?

Running speedtest-go on my OpenWrt router is returning unrealistic speeds. Is this true for anyone else? My plan is 1000 MBps down and 100 MBps up, yet:

# speedtest-go

    speedtest-go v1.7.7 (git-dev) @showwin

✓ ISP: xxx
✓ Found 20 Public Servers

✓ Test Server: xxx
 Latency: 25.431325ms Jitter: 1.641004ms Min: 23.815317ms Max: 28.311769ms
✓ Packet Loss Analyzer: Running in background (<= 30 Secs)
✓ Download: 1163.33 Mbps (Used: 1460.50MB) (Latency: 52ms Jitter: 14ms Min: 19ms Max: 76ms)
✓ Upload: 2651.92 Mbps (Used: 3262.13MB) (Latency: 77ms Jitter: 0ms Min: 77ms Max: 77ms)
✓ Packet Loss: 0.00% (Sent: 283/Dup: 0/Max: 282)

Those values reflect the theoretical max for eth0 and eth1 on my router (1 GbE and 2.5 GbE). Guessing this is a bug in the script?

Check real speeds via:


And post output of

ubus call system board

To understand what your router is capable of.