Unplugging/Turning off modem does not generate hotplug events

Good Afternoon.

I converted one of the LAN ports on my GL-AR750S to a WAN port, which works fine.
MWAN3 also works for the most part, except for some reason OpenWRT doesn't seem to realise that the 4G interface is down when the modem is powered off or cable is unplugged, so the uptime keeps ticking. MWAN works anyway, and will switch over to the backup WAN.
To recover the primary WAN, I have to use MWAN's Diagnostic tools to "hotplug ifup" the "4G" interface.

I've already tried setting uci set network.4G.force_link=0

Any ideas? Thank you!

(This also could explain why my MWAN scripts weren't working)

Interface names

  • 4G = 4G Modem (Primary WAN)
  • WAN = PPPOE (Secondary WAN)

Bump, does anybody have any ideas?