Unofficial TRENDnet AC2600 (TEW-827DRU v1.0R)

Looking forward to a new build, any idea when you have time to finish it ?
Thx !

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Hi jmomo,

Any news about 23.05.x?

Thanks a lot.

Yes I will be doing a rebuild here soon. I've been busy with life stuff lately, but it's still on my task list.

In fact I think I already built and published the last version. I think I just forgot to do an announcement here. I'll look into it and you should hear from me in the next week or so.

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New patch set v20 is for OpenWRT v23.05.x.

New builds are out.

I also did a build for v22.03.6 back in December but forgot to post it.

Remember to always back up your config and files before upgrades.


Thanks jmomo,

Unfortunately my speeds have reduced to 250-300Mbs after upgrading the firmware to 23.05.3

Previously, I had written the following in the top post:

I have seen some stability issues over long periods of time. Every once in awhile (30-90 days) I'll see a sudden reboot of one of the devices I manage. I don't think this issue is specific to the tew827dru hardware because I've seen similar reports on other ipq806x devices.

With version 23.05.3, I can safely say this problem is resolved.

Hi jmomo,

The stability comes from the fact that the default governor is set to Performance in 23.03.x and later, thus eliminating the random crashes caused by the frequency scaling (ondemand governor) used in previous releases. If you want to use the old releases, you can manually set the Performance governor.

When you have some time, please start trying to create patches for the master snapshot. For other ipq806x devices, I clearly see the improvement in WIFI throughput when running master snapshot (kernel 6.6) images compared to 23.035.x. Thank you.

Thanks Jmomo, I been using your 21 build for a while and just wanted to upgrade to 23.
I tried flashing, but Im stuck without lan, just a blinking ligth of every port connected.
I've tried 192.168.0/10/1.1 no luck at all. Is there a way to factory reset it and try again.

Thanks a lot!