Unlocking of Huawei HG553 not possible

Hi, i am trying to get openwrt onto my Huawei hg553 modem. I followed the installation guide on this website but the given links for the downloads to unlock te OEM of the station isn't working? Does anyone have the needed files ?

According to the device page, the modem function isn't supported unfortunately. If you still need the files for the router you can download them here - Firmware OpenWrt Install URL (source)

Thanks for the response but regarding to this site https://openwrt.org/toh/huawei/hg553 the modem should be supported or not? I would it only use as switch and access point.

No, it says dsl modem is not a supported function, but if you're only going to use it as a switch and access point that shouldn't be a problem. Also, i think i misunderstood what file you needed, were you talking about this file? If so, it's not working for me either.

Exactly... I'm not able to get to the firmware update page to load the custom firmware, and trying to hold the reset button while booting doesn't change anything for me. So then there is only one way left the tftp methode? But I cannot write to the modem but I can get information from it as it starts. I'm using a Arduino Uno as serial adapter. Any tips what could be the problem?

Sorry no, I dont have your device so I'm not familiar with it.

I had the same problem. The description on the OpwnWRT project page is not up to date, in the sense the link to the script to unlock it is not longer live.

I found an alternative description with an alternative script, it did work for me. But its in Italian, hope you manage (with google translate perhaps?

Hi all, does anyone can send the file exploit-vsb066.tar.gz to me? On the B066 part of the HG553 page the link is broken.
Thank you in advance.

Thanks, I've found it.

feel free to add the link to this thread or the device Wiki

to all of you that want to unlock the HG553 with firmware B066. The files are here: