Unistalled some ipk i cant no longer boot.Help

i unistalled some ipk under the software tab in lede and now i can no longer boot or access openwrt. tried reset button but nothing heppens.i cant even connect via lan to the router ( wdr4900 )


i red that...if i press rapidly reset button during boot, it will exchange some byte with pc over ethernet.
but i can't ssh or telenet with putty .

what should i do

In failsafe mode only ssh is supported and you will have to assign a static IP to your device to access the router (there is no DHCP). To access the router take the first LAN port.

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i noticed those few bytes between pc and router will appear even if i don't press the reset button, as for putty,ssh to (router),port 22, pc ip or 3,first ethernet of router will give network error connection timed out.

am i doing anything wrong.

You will need to assign a static IP to your computer first.

Then connect your LAN cable to PC and turn on the router and use the above link to enter into failsafe mode. From there just SSH through Putty and reset the router. You should be able to boot normally after that. If this doesnt work then reset through hardware is your only safe option. I dont think Serial access should be an option here.

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