Uninstall odhcp and firewall on bridged Archer C7 WiFi?

Hello friends!

I'm working now on my WiFi, it's a TP-LINK Archer C7 v5 still on OpenWRT 18.06. I plan to build a custom 19.07 image before venturing to 21.02.

Even with the most minimum setup, it currently have 76 of 125 MB free RAM and only 3,98MB free storage.

Since it's gonna remain on bridge, I'm considering removing packages like iptables, dnsmasq, odhcp6c, firewall, kmod-ppp*.

Is it safe to remove them from image? Are they required for VLAN support?

you can try disabling them.
I have a wifi bridge working without those packages.
I think you should leave support for ipv6.

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They are disabled, I'm asking if it's safe to remove them from custom image.

What package are u referring to regarding IPv6?

Try opkg remove to see what happens when they are removed. Of course opkg remove at runtime doesn't actually reclaim the space from the ROM, but the files will be deleted so you can see if there is any ill effect leaving them out of the next build.

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I have custom image without those packages.

Kernel module (kmod-ipv6), DHCPv6 client (odhcp6c ), an RA & DHCPv6 Server and relay dhcp (odhcpd-ipv6only)



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